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Il San Corrado di Noto


Resort boutique


In the heart of the resort, a boutique where dreams can come true

Among the attractions of our resort: a boutique. The absolute discretion we assure our guests, the peace and quiet that reigns throughout the whole property, the stylishness of the restaurant and common areas, the elegant, modern design of the rooms would be a mere memory without a boutique to make your experience concrete, to take home some delightful memories of a regenerative adventure.

Il San Corrado di Noto
Il San Corrado di Noto
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You’ll find the most unashamed luxury on the shelves of the boutique, whether it’s a creation by a leading jeweller, a linen frock or the bottled fragrant essence of Sicily. Space, design, privacy, reconnection with one’s inner self and harmony with one’s environment: these are the concepts underlying the selection of the boutique’s products, for a shopping experience that will involve all five senses and give you tangible, enduring memories of the most exciting stay you’ve ever had. Welcome to San Corrado di Noto Resort, our boutique is waiting to satisfy your every whim.