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Il San Corrado di Noto


Resort Eastern Sicily


The surroundings of the San Corrado di Noto, a prestigious resort in Eastern Sicily

A resort embedded in the authentic natural beauty of Eastern Sicily, a traditional Sicilian masseria restored to its original splendour and enhanced with a new concept of hospitality. A gem that also glitters thanks to the magnificent countryside of vineyards and olive groves that surround it, an oasis that enfolds the guest in an embrace – a unique place, the meeting point of sea, country, culture, history and delectable food.

Il San Corrado di Noto
Il San Corrado di Noto
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Just a few minutes from the resort, you can visit the Vendicari Nature Reserve, a completely unspoilt territory where, in an area of 1,512 boundless hectares, a whole ecosystem exists undisturbed. People are admitted, on tiptoe, to contemplate a rare pearl, bounded by a crystal-clear sea that washes up on the purest white beaches (mercifully free of amenities), where it is easy to spot herons, flamingos, coots, moot swans, seagulls and even Caretta Caretta turtles, which have recently taken to nesting here again.

The nearby town of Noto is a must-see jewel: this alluring place is world-famous – a fame, indeed, that has earned it the appellation of the Capital of Sicilian Baroque. In fact, the town, like many others nearby, was completely restored in the reconstruction that followed the earthquake of 1693. Also well worth seeing is the archaeological park of Noto Antica, the ruins of what remains of a town at its apogee, before the catastrophe – eight kilometres from the current town.

Also extremely close is the Necropolis of Cassibile, the second-largest tomb complex of Sicilian civilization. Numerous relics have been found here, which are today kept in the Paolo Orsi Archaeological Museum, Siracusa. The whole complex is set amid wonderful scenery, guaranteed to take one’s breath away.

Heading towards the sea, but still not far from the resort, you can visit Avola, the hexagonal town that promises infinite mysterious discoveries, from the “dolmen” to the Liberty-style buildings, and Marzamemi, an ancient fishing village that sprang up around a tuna fishery established by the Arabs during their domination. Here, a stone-paved square is constantly bathed by the waves of the sea, which sends its opal reflections onto the white limestone houses. Its location has been voted by many as the best in the world for sunset-watching.

Going towards Modica, we find Cava d’Ispica, a fluvial valley which, with its mysterious aura, encompasses prehistoric necropolises, Christian catacombs, places of prayer excavated from the rocks, monastic hermitages and clusters of villages of various kinds.

Within a radius of just a few kilometres from the San Corrado Resort, you’ll find everything you’re looking for, from the most delightful seashores to the most verdant natural environment, from historical traces of the human past to wineries where you can sample a glass of Nero d’Avola wine. A masseria in Sicily, the alpha and omega of possible experiences, including those one only dreams of. The Olympus of desires, a setting designed and forged by a goldsmith, a blend of tradition and change.

Welcome to the Val di Noto, your place of the soul.