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Il San Corrado di Noto


Sicilian all-inclusive resort


Where the world is your oyster. The San Corrado di Noto, Sicilian all-inclusive resort

The San Corrado di Noto resort in Sicily is the very latest concept in “all-inclusive”. Here, the idea of all-inclusive is transformed, and from simple info detailing packages and offers, it extends to becoming a veritable metaphor for the twenty-four-carat experience you can have in this part of Eastern Sicily. The history of the island, the thousand influences on it due to its geographical situation and the foreign powers dominating it over the centuries, make this region a treasure chest to prise open with delicate enthusiasm, to sample personally the infinite pleasures that capture mind, body and soul.

Il San Corrado di Noto
Il San Corrado di Noto

In a place where human roots go down deep and human civilisation has expressed itself in all its infinite nuances, we have decided to involve all five senses, providing oxygen for the collective imagination. We have worked on a new concept of food service, the leading player being Ciccio Sultano, Michelin-starred chef of Ragusa Ibla, who has been asked to sculpt in scents, colours and flavours an itinerary of completely new experiences, able to assault people’s palates and minds, to stimulate their taste buds, thus showcasing Sicily’s narrative in a no-nonsense, experiential, unequivocal and overwhelming way.

People’s wellbeing is for us the essential starting point for their stay. Two swimming pools, a spa, a wellness trail that winds around the resort, a private beach club, along with the chance to access numerous dedicated services – these are all tiles in an energizing, reinvigorating mosaic. Guests at the San Corrado di Noto will rediscover themselves, reconnect with their needs and emotions, learn afresh to listen to themselves, getting in touch with their inner being and building up a new relationship with the environment, the world and life.

Immersed in the luxuriant natural beauty of the Val di Noto countryside, where the olive tree merges with the Mediterranean maquis, the resort is a painstaking, elegant and enchanting restoration of what was once the masseria of Prince Nicolaci. The building was rural, built to manage the cultivated fields and meet the needs of farmers or breeder, but was then turned into a noble residence, with its splendid estate, reflecting the prosperity of the owner. Today, it holds the discerning, harmonious and quite different promise of sensory indulgence.

Discover the sounds and tastes of freedom, dedicate a stay to pampering yourself – the San Corrado di Noto will transform your life, will transform you. Welcome to Olympus, in the Land of the Gods.