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Il San Corrado di Noto

Gourmet Restaurant

Gourmet restaurant Principe di Belludia

Principe di Belludia

Refined form and genuine substance, the gourmet restaurant, Principe di Belludia

Welcome, travellers. The gourmet restaurant, Principe di Belludia, the restaurant curated by chef Ciccio Sultano (2 Michelin stars awarded) will take you on a journey through Sicilian gastronomic culture, the first step towards a new definition of taste, where diners are the leading players, not merely passive recipients.

Take your seats and you’ll suddenly be plunged into an enthralling, spellbinding exploration of the Mediterranean, in all its nuances, from the Apennines, represented by butter and meat, to the seashore, exemplified by fish, then inland to the countryside, with its vegetable gardens and orchards or aromatic herbs, spices and memories of merchants’ trade.

Il San Corrado di Noto
Il San Corrado di Noto
Il San Corrado di Noto
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Where Italy ends, in the land where the whole peninsula and its sea find a sort of summation, we’ll make our guests characters in old Sicilian stories, through recipes, appreciating biodiversity as a natural and human value, unveiling premium produce, the result of hard toil in the fields. Wheat and olive trees, which were sacred elements to the Greeks, are at the basis of this innovative idea, capable of bringing the whole of Sicily to dishes. The true luxury lies in the quality of the produce, in the absolute privacy in which one can savour an authentic, quite different gastronomic adventure – genuine cooking can be seen above all as an experience of the present, through an interpretation of the past.

Welcome to Sicily, the land where a simple vegetable can become the fabled metal orichalcum, where everything, however humble, is turned into a work of art, and where a vegetable garden is an ode to nature, to man and his wisdom.